SDB Affiliate Sign Up

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Ambassador OVERVIEW

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  •  Earn up to 50% Commission!
  • Merge your company into SquadFit to better build an audience for FREE…
  •  Possible Share / Employment in SquadFit.
  • Add your personal Training Programs to the website and earn an extra commission.
  • We are looking to add Nutrition and Motivation programs – Extra Commission.
  •  We are also dedicated to finding successful Personal Trainers to have one-on-one consultations to better help our customers personal growth opportunities in every aspect of life! You will earn commissions per client!
  • Payouts will be sent through Paypal. Sign up is FREE for Paypal.
  • Discount on all SquadFit Products located on in the “SHOP”, also free access to all the Membership Lounges for two months if no programs are sold.

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.7The Purpose of this letter is to formally set forth (“Employee”) duties, compensation and other terms of employment for SquadFit LLC. (“Company”).

1.Duties. Ambassadors, Royal Ambassadors, and Star Royal Ambassadors – Outside of sales, SquadFit will place a great deal of reliance upon the Employee to develop relationships with customers looking to better help themselves in their daily life goals. Employees will report directly to, Brandon M. Quam & Jack Christine Gray who will work with Employees in establishing the periodic goals that the Employee expects for themselves.
2. Earn up to 50% Commission. The Ambassador Commission will be structured based on the Total Monthly Membership Plan Sales. This means you have the control to make as much as you want, based on dedication, selling, and marketing. We are currently going to offer 4 Payment Options, which can be found on the website page for ease of access. You will be paid each month for the initial sale on a monthly basis at 30% commission or higher based on employee title. If someone you sell a program to shares your Ambassador link and gives it to multiple friends or family, and they buy into one of the four membership options. A commission will be made and be tracked automatically. Post your Website link on all your social media accounts to create more traffic. If you want to submit Workout and or Nutrition Plan to the website please do the following; Please head to the Ambassador Dashboard, Click on the Links & Banners Tab and find the Program Upload Option. This will direct you to a form where you can attach your programs and submit to SquadFit. If you get approved, you will become a Star Royal Ambassador. There will be an additional 10-20% Commission per sale added to the below-listed commission structure. You will NOT make a commission on any other sales in the company since there will be multiple Ambassadors getting approved to submit their own programs onto the website. You will get your own Section on the website, which you can make your own custom name, or SquadFit will just use your own personal name so your customers can navigate through all the program sections.
3. Royal Ambassador. If you want to become a Star Royal Ambassador for SquadFit LLC, please completed the following. Send your friends and or family members your affiliate link for the SquadFit website. Have them sign up at the top right of the website under Affiliate Sign Up. Once they sign up, you will automatically have them under your Affiliate Referrals Tab on the Affiliate Dashboard and be making a commission of the sales they generate. This means if someone you know signs up for the affiliate program under your affiliate link page, and they start selling memberships you will get a portion of each sale they make. This makes it where you are not only making money off your own sales but also your team’s earnings. If SquadFit LLC sees your team generating a substantial amount of sales, you will be eligible for a management position or higher in the future!
4. Ambassador Tracking. All ambassadors will use the Ambassador Sign Up page to get a custom link to the SquadFit website and have access to their own account that will translate all sales and recurring payments automatically. This system is FREE for you to use and helps SquadFit and YOU personally keep track of all your sales and commission you make. SquadFit will pay you directly from Paypal for all commissions you make on the last day of each month. You can see your sales on your Ambassador Dashboard Home Section at the bottom of the page, or under the Stats Section which will show you an in-depth overview of all tracking details. Also, on your Ambassador home page, you will see Commission Levels. Level 1 is your starting commission for the sales you generate, and once you hit the below listed tiers here on the Commission Agreement. SquadFit will manually change your Level 1 commission percentage to the percentage your specific employee title automatically (Ambassador, Royal Ambassador, and Star Royal Ambassador.) Level 2,3,4, and 5 are Affiliates under you that you personally referred. They must sign up under your Ambassador link found on the Referrals Tab on your Ambassador Dashboard to be considered on your team, if they don’t sign up under your Ambassador Link you will NOT have access to the Level 2,3,4, and 5 commissions. This will all be tracked through the SquadFit Ambassador Program if done correctly. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send SquadFit a message at if you have any questions or concerns.
5. Discount Code. SquadFit will set up a Coupon Code for you to give to your Customers. All coupon code names will be your last name and the discount percentage amount. If customers use your coupon to purchase a membership, your commission will be based on the discounted price. Thus, the commission structure below will not be effective unless they do not use the coupon code.
6. Commission Payouts. Commissions will be paid at the end of each month by Paypal. Please enter in the correct email address below for Paypal. If you do not enter in the email address onto the sign-up form or on the Ambassador portal, you will not receive your commission.
7. Marketing. You can market any way you see it. Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I will give you some marketing photos found on the Links and Banners section that you can use, or you can use your own personal photos you see fit to generate more sales. When providing a description of photos and videos, please don’t guarantee anyone anything. This will help provide less liability for yourself and the company.
8. Contact Info. If you put the time and effort into this, you can make a great deal of extra money in your pocket monthly. If you have any questions or concerns, please let SquadFit know! We are always here to help you achieve your goals!” Please contact us at if you have any more questions or concerns. Thank You!

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